Things I’ve Recently Seen/Read/Done/Enjoyed/Ruined

Here is a list of things, both on and off the Internet, that have recently amused me:

1. At first I was like “who told Taylor Swift about the Internet” but now I am deeply enjoying this “no it’s Becky” thing. I realize this is a joke about something unforgivably old in Internet time. Please join me next week when I explore this new trend of funny cats.

2. Every week I eagerly await the arrival of Jia’s tinybitchtapes; every week I curse Gmail for sending it to that dumb Promotions folder instead of my inbox. I don’t know why that happens but I think it has something to do with the patriarchy. End patriarchy by subscribing here.

3. On Sunday I started to do some work; I attempted to build three Hairpin posts and immediately made nine unbearably stupid mistakes; I was like “maybe I just need some water” and when I went to pour a glass I shattered said glass into literally one billion pieces. I spent the next thirty minutes carefully cleaning it up and then said “fuck it” and did errands that didn’t involve higher-level cognitive functioning. You know: going to the bank, buying a few new pairs of tights, folding laundry. It was kind of nice! I’m officially endorsing mindless errands for Sunday afternoon activities; very controversial and cutting edge; I am an early adopter and you must do what I say.

4. I loved Julianne’s taxonomy of the fuccboi and Heben’s guide to writing a fashion trend piece. Tumblr also never lets me down — Jazmine alerted me to this Steal His Look tag, which, lol, and I’m also very pleased by the existence of North Dressed. Fashion is very serious and important and we should all take it seriously enough to lol at it when necessary.

5. Who made this photo of Lisa Simpson reading I Love Dick? SHOW YOURSELF so I can send you a jar of my thankful tears.

6. After errands, I spent some time on Sunday reading 10:04, because I am both someone who follows literary trends no questions asked AND a monster who hates everything everyone else likes, but damnit, I really do like it so far. For once the masses (and by that I mean the seven white people I trust who recommended this book) were right. It’s a cousin to the Sad Girls ‘R Us books I normally choose (Sad Brooklyn Boys) so I think I can get away with it. Mostly, though, I’ve really enjoyed reading the reviews about the book, particularly Maggie Nelson in the L.A. Review of Books and the conversation between Lerner and Ariana Reines in Bomb.

7. Ok back to work now.

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