Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin’s New Contributing Editor


Hey young world: I’m Jazmine, your new contributing editor. I’m a Scorpio, an ESTJ, and a Liz Lemon specifically in the scene where she shuts down someone trying to give out food recommendations over hers, but otherwise probably more of a Frank, if we’re being honest.

Perhaps you know me if you’ve read about Grown Women or Seinfeld avoidance on this particular hair accessory review site, black parenting and interracial dating for Gawker and Jezebel, a bunch of things at The Billfold that I only wrote to get Mike Dang to like me (hi Mike!!), or if you are employed at a New York-based restaurant that serves mashed potatoes. (If you aren’t familiar with any of those things, just know this: I love mashed potatoes.) I come to you from New York Magazine (nope, not the New Yorker); before that, Connecticut College (nope, not UCONN); before that, my mother’s womb (yup, that’s the one!).

I’m stupid excited to be here — Haley is my tier supreme, and I feel #blessed to get to work with her every day, and you all are just the toppest notch in a group of notches. In keeping in with Choire and Haley’s idea of a blog full of “petty enthusiasms,” today marks the last day that this is *not* a Danny DeVito fanfic website, but for job security, I promise to read all of your submissions anyway. I also accept all unsolicited photos of dogs.

Here’s what’s at the forefront of my mind: the descriptor of this website has always been simply “Ladies first,” which is quite possibly the best Queen Latifah song to live your life by. But on the real: Haley and I are committed to putting you first, and each other first, and continuing to make this blog the fun place that it’s always been, just with a little more Latifah.

See you tomorrow.