Ask Baba Yaga: Will My Life Ever Be This Good Again?

baba good again

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Dear Baba Yaga,

I’m in my last year of graduate school, and I’ve been having a great time. I haven’t planned much farther than this, and prospects look bleak. It seems unlikely that I’ll ever stumble into a more felicitous set of circumstances. Will my life ever be this good again?


The life ; you know now will soon seem a bauble ; — full of visions & unimaginable colorings, all a-swirl & small enough to hold in yr hand. & yr new life will feel hot & ravenous as the live mouth of a beast, & real. & then that too will be a bauble, & you will admire it. :& everything will be small & far away, & all the sadnesses, too, small & almost darling. So when you are in the mouth of the beast, let yrself be eaten, let the beast eat all of you & gnash yr bones.

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Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. She’s taking questions on behalf of Baba Yaga at