Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Commit to the Life I Have Instead of the Life I Could Have?

Baba Walking Away

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Dear Baba Yaga,

Sometimes I want to walk away from everyone who’s ever known me and reappear somewhere new and start over. I keep thinking that maybe this next time, I could be someone better and make all the right decisions. I wouldn’t have to worry about any of my current problems. I just want a clean slate and a fresh start. How do I commit to the life I have instead of the life I could have?


)It is the same life. Within each being so much darts & so much waits to tip & spill — & it is not for the saying what will nudge the tippings. But also ; it is the truth that yr body is always containing the same organs, the workings will be the same always. Making strong movements within the current field you stand in will do as muchly as walking to another, & when the tipping comes at least it will be a field you know — & which has in truth not loathed yr being so much as you have thought.

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