5 Little Things We Love About the French

by The Hairpin Sponsors

Brought to you by Stonyfield’s Petite Crème

There’s so much to thank the French for, from passionate French kissing to delicate and tasty macaroons. Check out the top five things we’d like to tip our hats — or berets — to the French for introducing into our lives.

Bread. The French’s secret war on our hips, it’s impossible to resist.


Source: Jen

Bringing us fabulous designs… that we could never wear in public.


Source: Valeria Castillo

How irresistible French men look in berets. Coupled with baguettes in their baskets, it’s just not fair.


Source: Jane

For making accordions the power jam to pump us up during our commute to work.


Source: Jens Schott Knudsen

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