4 Easy Exercises for Busy Jellyfish

jellyfish workout

I know you probably don’t have much spare time for exercise anymore. Who does? One trick is to start small. This 10-minute body-toning workout can easily fit into your languid life. Try it a few mornings a week and soon you’ll feel ready to take on/over the world.

* * *

Lie back and drift with tentacles together. Slowly lift tentacles up and then lower them back down. Flail around for a while, then emit a shimmering light. Repeat 10 times.

Get down on all tentacles, walk tentacles out and lift tentacles. All of your gelatinous parts should be in alignment. Keeping your bell blobby, bend tentacles back and forth. Regenerate tentacles as needed. Repeat 10 times.

Chair Slides
“Sit” on the edge of a sturdy “chair” with your tentacles on your bell. Then, slide off the edge and sting the chair. Keep on stinging with increasing intensity. “Smile”. Repeat 10 times.

Chair Squats
“Stand” in front of “chair” with your tentacles apart, then push off and propel yourself back down. Close your “eyes” and “breathe” deeply. Imagine all other species are extinct. “Exhale”, then rise again. Repeat 10 times, then clone yourself and have your clone repeat 10 times.

Natalie Eve Garrett is an artist, writer and sea creature. Prints of her paintings are for sale here.