What We Talk About When We Talk About Deep V-Necks on Men


If there’s three things I love about summer, it’s visible chest hair, froyo, and subtle v-necks (and not in that order, hey-o!). Comedian Josh Gondelman did an exposé for Elle on wearing a a deeeeeep v-neck and embracing his um, “heavage” and the results with SHOCK YOU.

Everything I did became sexier, but not in a good way. It was sexy in the way most rap songs talk about sex: too overt and explicit to be sensual. Eating an ice cream cone became grotesquely carnal. Tying my shoes, a showcase for my body. I am surprised Jay Z never showed up in a yacht to douse me in Champagne, especially given the rumors of his marital troubles.

(via Elle, image via SanoiAndSixBlog)