Weekend Roundup

blowing your mind

We did it. This was a week full of feels and we made it through. We followed the devastating news in Ferguson, Mo. We said goodbye to Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. We owned our dislike of Boyhood. We learned what it felt like to be pregnant week by week, then overheard what people talk about when watching childbirth videos (“Annnnnd that’s your butthole.”), then we thought about eating our grandparents.

We saw Instagrams from the Bay Area Femme Cartel. We discussed the worst flirting in the world, then we promised to be really cool brides! We heard a sad, beautiful story about two men named Victor. We ate something called a saladcake and almost went to the Prom. Baba Yaga taught us how to not be shitty. We apologized. Then we made something to eat. Then we reviewed some dicks of course. We compared the videos for “Break Free” and “Oops!… I Did It Again.” We were cruise ship comedians. We heard our boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt tell us why he’s a feminist. We got really into the Backstreet Boys.

We welcomed our new Editor Haley Mlotek (!!!!!!) and said goodbye to Jia Tolentino, who taught us so much!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll.

[photo via US Magazine]