This Is Our Youth?

Tavi Gevinson, Kieran Culkin, and new musician Michael Cera are starring in Kenneth Lonergan’s play This Is Our Youth opening on Broadway on um, September 11th. This is Tavi Gevinson’s theatrical debut, as well as Kenneth Lonergan’s first play on Broadway as well. Dave Itzkoff interviewed them during rehearsals in Chicago:

And each is closely attuned to how “This Is Our Youth” — in its unflinching depictions of casual drug use and awkward love — exemplifies what Ms. Gevinson called “the lack of self-awareness but total self-consciousness of being a young adult.”

“It’s a condition of being,” she said. “This is just the stuff you have to deal with — being horrible at being a person, for a little bit.”

This is one of my favorite plays, and it originally starred a young, hurt, sensitive Mark Ruffalo. Copyright laws prevent me from posting anything, but just google Mark Ruffalo and This Is Our Youth to feel EVERYTHING. [New York Times]

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