The Worst Parts of Being A Woman/Going for Your Annual

Ja feel, girl

In urban areas, OB/GYN offices are located off the lobbies of fancy apartment buildings, so there is a real fear of accidentally walking into some dude’s apartment and climbing into stirrups

All the freaked out boyfriends in the waiting room

Accidentally sounding pervy when asking “Should I take off my undies and bra too??!!”

The nurse leaving the room and finding out you put on the gown prematurely when she comes back to just take your blood pressure

Handing your pee over to a stranger while not making an R. Kelly joke

Getting weighed and regretting you didn’t take off your flip flops and bracelet first, since that would have made a huge difference

Keeping up your end of the conversation about the weather during the duck lips part

Picturing defeated and feckless semen when told, “A lot of girls choose to use an IUD, which is just a small piece of copper that makes your uterus a hostile environment to semen!”

Nothing good ever comes after someone asking you to “Just scooch your butt down for a sec!”

Trying to remember the last time you listened to Coldplay on Spotify when asked the date of your last period