The Worst Flirting in the World (in Ascending Order)

Scrooge McDuck is so sexy

Sending inscrutable songs via Spotify

Flirting because you’re buying an iced coffee and have no cash and there’s a $10 minimum

Flirting with the one person controlling the music at the party because they’re drunk on power and refuse to play any songs featuring Pitbull

Flirting with I.T. because you have a deadline and you’ve already restarted your computer and it miraculously didn’t work

Twitter Flirting (Retweeting)

Twitter Flirting (Fav’ing)

Instagram Flirting (Liking, but leaving no comment)

LinkedIn request as a means to rekindle things

Poking (On Facebook)

Poking (In Real Life)

“Thought you’d enjoy this..” email with a link to something unenjoyable