Just Keep Livin’, (Livin’ = Wearing a Fanny Pack Without Apologies)

gear pouch

Every generation gets the celebrity man purse they deserve. Remember when John Wayne carried a LeSportsac? No? Well Matthew McConaughey is now sporting a BLACK LEATHER FANNY PACK and he is not apologizing:

“I’m not afraid of the fanny pack, instead of stuffing your pockets,” the Dazed and Confused star told CSN Houston during an in-game interview. “You’ve got to kind of put it on the side to make it look a little not as nerdy, but still, practicality wins out. I’ve got so much gear in here that I don’t want in my pockets.

Ahh, he has to carry a lot of gear! Everything seems more legitimate when you call it gear! Why right now I have the following gear in my bag: wallet gear, FroYo punchcard gear with two punches remaining till I get a free froyo up to a $5 value, five different types of lip gloss gear (only two of which I actively wear), part of an old dry cleaning receipt gear, sunglasses gear, and of course gum gear!

[image via Shutterstock]