It’s Women’s Equality Day — Read Books by Feminist Writers

by The Hairpin Sponsors


Happy Women’s Equality Day! The passage of the 19th Amendment on this day in 1920 granted women the right to vote, a seminal moment in the Women’s Rights Movement. Today is an opportunity to celebrate the women who continue to fight for equal rights and whose powerful voices have contributed to the ongoing dialogue of what equality between the sexes really means.

Gloria Steinem, Simone de Beauvoir, Ruth Gruber, Helen Gurley Brown. You’re likely familiar with these iconic voices and the impact of their work on future generations of female writers.

Now on Women’s Equality Day, we invite you to revisit these landmark works of feminist literature or discover them for the first time. These ebooks are available this week for $2.99, in hopes that you’ll find new inspiration in their words, and continue the ongoing battle for women’s equality.

Discover Great Books from Women Writers .