It’s Been Real, Buds

literally me

Well! This is my last post as an editor here, although I hope to return in the form of Mark McGrath or middle Animorphs or poor, frightened Huell soon.

I am so glad about what’s happening at this moderately well-known hair accessory review blog: Haley is just the definition of A game, and in the interim period before her official start you’ll be in the loving hands of Meredith Haggerty and true pal Michelle (who suggested this morning that we do a Q&A for my goodbye post and then started it by reasonably asking me “how I felt,” after which I straight-up had to go look at the definition for “feelings” and subsequently decided that the Q&A route was not for me).

But I have traversed the tiny sea between my emotional continents of “THAT SONG, I’M DYING” and “This is pretty chill” and found the small odd-shaped island of being sad, of course, to leave this place. I can’t think of a better place to have started working on the internet than the Hairpin. It’s a coup for a writer to get such total and sustained freedom, and it’s just as great as an editor to be able to solicit horoscopes from Russian bunnies and advice poetry from witches alongside fake magazines for depressed bitches and instructional tutorials about the dickhole. To everyone who has let me edit you, I am luckier to have gotten to dip into your brain, and excluding the sentient spambot struggle, this job has been entirely and only a really good time.

Soon I will elaborate on where I’m going, but in the meantime know I’ll be around. If you want to keep hanging with my musical inclinations I have decided to Do a Thing: please sign up here if you want to receive an authentically bespoke, disruptively curated collection of fully erect tunes each week. And you can also find me here, here and here.

Thank you to the cuddly teddy bears of the Awl Family DoBro Wig Shop, to Edith and Jane and Nicole for making this site what it was when I got here, and to Emma for literally everything since. And thanks to all of you for reading.