Hobby Lobby Protest Crafts

by Kathleen Founds

In the long process of grieving about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling, I decided to talk back to the corporation in the language it best understands. Here are all the feminist crafts I made last weekend.

1. Toddler Onesie


You are never too young to subvert the patriarchy.

2. Shards-of-the-Glass-Ceiling Earrings


While only 4.8 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, ALL corporations are people.

3. Crochet Birth Control Cozy

diy uterus

Your birth control pills may no longer be “covered,” but you can still cover them with crochet.

4. Popsicle Stick Room Of One’s Own

gonna get so much writing done

When the wage gap keeps you from affording a “room of your own,” build one with a hot glue gun.

5. Macrame Burning Bra Mobile


As your reproductive rights go up in smoke, so too does this fun outdoor mobile!

6. Yellow Wallpaper


If men get to decide the healthcare, at least we can have a say in the décor.

7. Margaret Sanger Decoupage Memory Box

print & store rude texts

Fill it with keepsakes from back in the day when you could afford birth control.

8. Embroidered Sampler

clap clap clap

Women make up only 16 percent of Congress, so maybe we’ll have to embroider our way to change.

9. Styrofoam and Pipe Cleaner “Goddess Within”


Corporations now have freedom of religion. Let us pray the country realizes this is stupid.

Kathleen Founds writes while her toddler is napping. Her novel-in-stories, When Mystical Creatures Attack! won the 2014 John Simmons Short Fiction Award and will be published by University of Iowa Press in October. Her comics, children’s books, and beer-label designs can be found at kathleenfounds.com .