Be the Hair You Wish to See in the World


Wait, you guys have never heard the term hairography before? So you’re telling me you don’t incorporate whipping your hair back and forth into your SoulCycle routine? Weird. Luckily Well+Good has a piece on the latest trend in SoulCycle culture. Let’s get into it:

Hairography — AKA tossing your hair purposefully with your moves on the bike — is a growing fitness world phenomenon and a skill that gives a steamy workout room music video transcendence.

But wait, is there any chance taking one’s hair out of a ponytail can instigate a form of change in the lives around you?

“Hair can change the vibe and energy in me and the room. There are times during rides when I wonder what it is that the class needs….and I will realize my hair is still up,” Heekin says. “When the hair comes down the room lightens up…people makes noise and it’s known the party has arrived.”

That’s it. If people don’t make noise the next time I take my hair out, I will be pissed. Well+Good]