A Weekend Roundup and a Goodbye

Hold it.

This week was my final week editing this NASCAR fan site.

It was also the week we checked in with the very wise Galactic Rabbit and got advice from the witch Baba Yaga and a bunch of five-year-olds. We got on with our bad selves and out of a less-than-ideal living arrangement; we hacked Hobby Lobby and mac and cheese. There was a Love Poem™ and a charity event, a chat with the author Amy Sohn, and a Rom Com Club gathering. Catherine took care of 100 sled dogs, Molly learned how to love “Feliz Navidad,” Sarah’s Summer Diary visited San Francisco, and Julianne tracked the evolution of Nicki Minaj’s style (and A$$). If I may say so: some good shit.

You can find me elsewhere in a bit and here for now. For the next few weeks The Hairpin will be run by the terrifyingly capable Jia Tolentino and a few other familiar faces, and then eventually by someone you maybe don’t even know exists yet. Thanks to Jia for a very fun year of work and to the extended Awl family for putting up with a lot of Beyoncé GIFs and dick jokes every day, and thanks to you all for reading. See you around.