A Look Inside Billy Collins’s Draft Folder

by Hera Lindsay Bird


– Friendzoned by Helen Keller

-Persistent Quiche Apathy

– Risotto: A Personal Awakening

– The Day After The Day Lady Died

-Tearing Down the Fourth Wall ( & Putting in An Atrium)

– Notes Towards a Working Theory of Hat Nostalgia

– Hideous Mural Empathy

– Paying the Tradesman in Miles Davis

– Great Forgotten Salads of the Midwest: A Reflection on Mortality

– The Children Are in the Yard Again, Diane

– Gentrifying the Apocalypse

– Keats is Still Dead

– Native American Names for Golf Swings

– Unremitting Bird Death: A Personal Saga

– Still Life with Pervasive Catholic Undertones

– Basho Assembles an IKEA Bookshelf

– Yet in a Second, Greater Sense, Poetry is a Family Holiday, Diane

Hera Lindsay Bird lives in NZ with her girlfriend and collection of Agatha Christie video games. She has a MFA in poetry from the International Institute of Modern Letters and can be found online here and here.