Weekend Roundup

the bewilderment

We’re taking off early for the holiday, and whether poolside, beachside, couchside or face down on your bed, we’ve got your weekend reading covered: some revised children’s books (The Tree That Said ‘Fuck It’ and Left The Boy to Follow Her Own Dreams); advice about how to live in a place you hate (get off your knees, says Baba Yaga), how to be fancy as hell for a reasonable amount of money (must learn about this thing called “consignment shopping”), and also, heartbreakingly, how to make it through a miscarriage (Gatorade, remembering that people love you, one breath at a time). We’ve got headlines from the beautiful future, ghost stories from Chicano culture, copper-wire IUD earrings and an Alito voodoo doll and a story of love and second marriage; we’ll you back here on Monday, and thanks, as always, for hanging out.

Photo via Cyndy Sims Parr/Flickr