Let’s Pool Our Money and Buy John Cheever’s House


“Pool” our money, ha ha. The Westchester County property is on the market for $525,000, which seems, all things considered, like a bargain.

While Ossining has, over the years, ceded its lustrous suburban mantle to more sought-after Westchester communities like Scarsdale and Chappaqua, the Cheever house is set on its outskirts, in a section that feels more rural than suburban.

A brook meanders through dense stands of rhododendrons, and the sloping property contains various levels of grassy terraces and tall pines.

Inside, it feels as if Mrs. Cheever has just left for a doctor’s appointment. The four-poster bed in the salmon-colored master bedroom is haphazardly made, its pillows askew.

If like 25 of us sell our eggs or something, we can have a group country home just like that. I’ll make cocktails, you reenact the “The Swimmer,” and we’ll live in a peaceful alcoholic daze forever. [NYTimes]