“It was amazing* being able to wear yoga pants without underwear”

FREE AT LAST -vaginas

A woman named Julie Sygiel just Kickstarted $159,000 for yoga pants with a built-in panty liner that will free women the world over (who can afford $128 yoga pants) from the “minefield of awkwardness [involving] panty lines, bunching, chafing, wedgies and menstrual mishaps.” Sygiel cautions, perhaps unnecessarily, that “the underwear aren’t meant to replace tampons or pads.”

“I’m always surprised to see women in class wearing panties,” adds a “yoga enthusiast” quoted in this article, who describes panty lines in yoga class as “taboo.”

Well. Lil Jon begs to differ and so. do. I. [DNAInfo]

*exactly what it sounds like