Ask Baba Yaga: I Recently Had a Personal Revelation But Don’t Know What to Do With It

"chill out it gonna be fine"

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Dear Baba Yaga,

Some things happened recently that cracked my conceptions of the world and myself wide open. Now I feel the push to do something about it, but I feel like I’m in a blindingly bright room and all I can see is the back of my eyelids. What’s a person to do when everything is so illuminated that you can’t even see where you’re going?


It is not ( the room that is brightest, but yr eyes that have known only darkness. ; Waking up morningly you are sightless first, & then yr eyes grow stronger. After some stumblings, the world around you will show its terrain, & you will see what is to be done.

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Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. She’s taking questions on behalf of Baba Yaga at