Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Open Up to People About a Recent Crisis That Feels Too Big?

shame you not

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Dear Baba Yaga,

I went through an incredibly rough couple of months recently, and (mostly) managed to make it out the other side; but now I feel weirdly incapable of talking about my own life. How do I open up to people again after spending so much time alone in my crisis? What would I even share? It seems like all I have inside these days are things that are too small to be worth saying, and things that are much too big to be said.


) After a great famine, what lives inside a house is mice & shadows., & while the house is shut, nothing but scratchings & dooms do walk & dwell. But open the door & other creatures shall ; walk in & fill the rooms, & light eclipse the shadows. & truly it is to know that many houses are near empty without famine, so shame you not.

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