A Poem From the Comments Section of Martha Stewart’s Drone Post

here are the thoughts

How nice to see aerial photos of your Queendom
We are being watched, even here on prairie
I need this drone.

It’s me, again, Martha! Is that the bee hives I see
What I love about you is the fact you perfect at everything
My favorite, the horse barn. Drones?

I wonder of these photos appeared of your farm without your permission what your thoughts would be.
One of the things I learned from Americans is to plan for the future
Now, I’m going back, enlarge the pictures, and look, again.

It is very obvious you prefer completely straight lines in everything.
Your farm is truly a treasure. I never grow tired of seeing your farm.
You have made a paradise!

Question, what do you do with all the produce,
I would think it is way more than your staff and your family could eat
I would LOVE to take drone tours of the world’s great sites & cities!

The only thing I know about drone cameras is selfies
They had on TV a couple of weeks ago about people who have purchased them
They are using them to take selfies from afar

I am not a person overly concerned with privacy
But then I’ve also never had to deal with someone wanting to infringe upon it.
I can certainly see valid concerns there, when it comes to drone technology.

As far as drones go, I guess we take the good with the bad.
Just like with anything else, can be used for “good” or “evil”.
What can you do???

The Drone shot reminds me of standing
On the viewing deck of the Eiffel tower looking down at Versallie
We all long to be “Martha”

Thank you. Thank you for this morning gift.
Thank you for sharing your life with everyone. Wish me luck
Thanks again! Thank you for sharing your blog with us.
Thank you for your blog it is always so good. Thank you!

All text from here.