“You can’t just give yourself a new face”


Nick Barose, makeup artist to our lady Lupita, talks to the Cut about how it’s not necessarily the sanest thing in the world to want to look like you’re on a red carpet all the time:

You can’t just give yourself a new face. People start to expect too much of makeup.

We live in a world now where more and more people don’t want to be different, they want a uniform. They think, If you have a face like this, you have to correct it and contour and make your eyebrows like this. For me, I just feel like makeup should be fun. When you approach it from the point of view of “My nose is too big; my face is too round,” it seems less fun. You can’t leave the house unless you contour your cheek? That’s not fun.

It’s also 2014. If you are doing a ’90s look based on Janet Jackson, then, okay, contour could work. But there are people just walking around in Lululemon and contour. It’s not natural.

Remember when Katy and Katie became beautiful baby tigers? Contour: that shit (almost always) ain’t right. [The Cut]