Which Of The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles Will You Troll Today?


This list is absolutely fascinating: in order, the top 10 most-edited entries are George W. Bush, WWE personnel, America, Michael Jackson, Jesus, “list of total drama characters,” Catholic Church, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, and Britney Spears; surprises from the rest of the list include “list of Omnitrix aliens” (#64), Super Smash Brothers (#77), Blink-182 (#99) and Avatar (#100). There are fewer political entries than I would have expected, though there are plenty (Muhammad and Islam at #35–36, Hurricane Katrina at #53).

Have you edited any of them? Are you going to start now?

I for one recently went on a bit of a Wikipedia tear editing famous sonnets to include the single-line chorus of Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin’.” Every edit was re-edited within 24 hours. One could argue that I’m a terrible idiot who should be banned from the internet. One could also argue that if God didn’t want me to do this, he wouldn’t have gifted Fred Durst with such a delicious knack for iambic pentameter.