Weekend Roundup


Happy Fri, kids. Maybe you saw this bit of news floating around this week, maybe you didn’t; I assure you things around here will not be drastically different anytime soon, but if you have any questions about the future of the good ship Hairpin or if you wanna just chat, please do email me.

Shout out to queen Michelle Markowitz for holding down the fort this week, and generally, in life, and shout out to queen Jia Tolentino for allegedly finishing her novel this week, allegedly. (Her gchat report on the past seven days: “I finished a book and just ate an enormous marijuana gummy bear — two parallel accomplishments that come with both struggle and reward.”) Your weekend reading list, assuming you’re not completely caught up already: we paid a visit to the Monastic conclave of the CW hunks and to Freddie Prinze Jr.’s art house cinema; we tried on our dream jumpsuits with a costume historian and talked sisterly energy with Caroline Polachek; we hauled ugly boulders with Baba Yaga and made them into diamonds with Anna Rasche. We also invested in rebranding queefs and Martha’s workout plan and checked in on the Beauty YouTuber Economy; we met the other Hilton sisters and paid the proper respects to L.M. Montgomery’s overlooked cronegirls; we talked unemployment and antidotes; we flipped through another issue of BLAH and got real about our reality filters; and we agreed that if you’re a bird, you’re probably a Carrion Crow.

We also said a fond farewell to Frosty the baby goat, and we will pour one out for him tonight. See you back here Monday.

Photo via paul-w/flickr.