Startups I Would Invest $1 Million In Instead Of “Yo”

by Alana Horowitz


“[Yo] has just raised $1m in seed funding from CEO of Mobli, Moshe Hogeg’s angel fund. Yes, an app that simply sends a ‘Yo’ notification to friends has managed to pry $1m in cold hard cash out of an investor’s hands.” — Forbes

An app that tells you how long past the expiration date you can eat something

A watch that beeps when someone near you is about to fart

There has to be a way to monetize period underwear


An app that turns self-pity into renewable energy

It’s like WhatsApp but you can only message literary characters from the 19th century

Deodorant for your underboob

A device that makes tears alcoholic

Sexy adult diapers

A social network for people who say they’ve read Ayn Rand but they haven’t and they’re actually not even 100% sure how to pronounce her name

Tinder for necrophiliacs and corpses

Let’s rebrand queefs

Alana Horowitz is an editor at the Huffington Post and a one-time award-winning mac and cheese chef. She lives in Chicago.