Real Sub-Headings I Have Considered For My Thesis


A completely serious list.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”: Improvisational Speech Acts

How To Talk About The Death Drive At Cocktail Parties

Girl, Interrupted: In Gothic fiction, only heroines seem to faint

Two Is The Loneliest Number

Driving Out of Time

Pathos and Pathology

Tweet, Memory

Creepily Benevolent Masculinites: Caspar Goodwood versus Casper the Friendly Ghost

“I’m Pregnant” and The Periperformative

Hangry and Other Food Feelings

A Will To Irrationality

Freud’s Penis Envy in Beyond The Pleasure Principle

The Haunting of Self-Reflexivity

Conclusion: Are We There Yet?

J.L. Austin: “!?”

Previously: Adventures With Gym Man

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