Mad Libs: Art House Cinema Edition

by Kira Garcia

Hack. Ee. Sack.

[Low impact exercise activity] in [Metropolis in a developing nation]
A young teacher named [woman’s first name] slowly reveals the depths of her psychological turmoil in the wake of a [national catastrophe] by forming a coalition of local [anachronistic professionals] to rise up against the [head of state].
150 Minutes; Black & White

The refuge of [virtuous quality]
As a family of nomadic [type of cured meat]-makers gather for a ceremonial feast in [a bucolic setting], a secret is revealed by the youngest member, [boy’s name ending with “ek”]. Glowing images of [type of fruit] in the [Mediterranean nation] countryside represent the family’s longing for the abundance of eras past in this [synonym for tragic] portrait of loss and [synonym for struggle].
235 Minutes; Color; Subtitled

[Traditional breakfast beverage] with [Swedish woman’s name]
Set in [major European metropolis] in [year prior to 1945], this startling paean to the struggle for individuality under the regime of [dictator] traverses the craggy slopes of one boy’s emotional landscape as he [verb for crafting with textiles] with wool gathered from his father’s beloved flock of [domesticated quadrupeds] to create a [type of ceremonial garment] for his estranged [relative].
376 Minutes; Black & White; Silent

A [piece of music] for [man’s name ending in “sz”]
Helga is a [age between 70 and 90]-year-old mute servant who expresses her emotions solely through her [woodwind instrument]. This wrenching and tender portrait of grief and banality [type of dance]-s through her terrain of [synonym for disaster], culminating in Helga’s disturbing final performance, during which her rapidly advancing [terminal disease] ultimately renders her comatose.
879 minutes; Black & White

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Kira Garcia enjoys puns, feminism, textiles, and history. She lives in beautiful Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with her girlfriend and two handsome cats.