Good News for People Who Went through an Awkward Adolescence

Get your damn hands off her

Jan Hoffman reports in the New York Times that according to a new study published in the journal Child Development, a group of self-identified “cool, fast-moving” 13 year olds (which: this many years later I can’t imagine anyone worse to sit near at lunch) are way behind the curve ten years later:

As they turned 23, the study found that when compared to their socially slower-moving middle-school peers, they had a 45 percent greater rate of problems resulting from alcohol and marijuana use and a 40 percent higher level of actual use of those substances. They also had a 22 percent greater rate of adult criminal behavior, from theft to assaults.

Anyone else want to DeLorean it back to their 13-year old selves, take the Rent soundtrack out of their Sony sports discman and just tell them it will all work out? [New York Times]