5 Reasons Why We Wish We Were Witches of East End

by The Hairpin Sponsors

We’ll admit that there are days when we just want to open up a book of spells and make our cheating ex-boyfriends suffer a tiny wee bit! Here are six other reasons why we wish we were a witch of East End like the powerful Beauchamps.

There are few things worse than sitting on a couch after a long day of work, hearing your stomach grumble, and then realizing that your favorite bag of chips is a whole TEN. FEET. AWAY. With the telekinetic abilities of Ingrid Beauchamp, out-of-reach snacks would NEVER be a problem again.

Weather Control
After spending $50+ on a bangin’ blowout, it blows (pun intended) to see angry, dark clouds roll in for a frizz attack. If only you had Joanna Beachamp’s incredible weather control skills, you could reel in the sun for some clear, blue skies and well-behaved hair in no time!

You decided to party hard last night and now you’re paying the price with a raging hangover. Freya’s healing powers would be extremely clutch in this very moment when you’re clutching the porcelain throne.

Changing into a Black Cat
Maybe you want to sneak around for a bit or climb a tall tree for the hell of it. Whatever the reason is, changing into a black cat like Wendy Beauchamp is just plain cool. Plus, that means you have nine lives to spare!

If you had Freya’s powers of premonition, maybe you would’ve been able to avoid that gridlock on the highway this morning and actually make it into work on time…for once.

You heart your co-worker. You doodle his name on your notepad during meetings, you can’t stop fantasizing about kissing passionately in the moonlight, and let’s not forget his puppy dog eyes that make your heart go boom-boom. With Freya’s great potion-making abilities, you would’ve been able to whip up a love potion strong enough to make him heart you back by lunch break.

So maybe your needs for telekinesis, premonitions or potion-making aren’t as legit as the real witches of East End. (A girl can dream!) Be sure to catch the season two premiere of Witches of East End Sunday, July 6 at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime so you don’t miss a single magical moment.

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