Petition to Let Cinderella Wear Flats

Lisa Wade of Sociological Images draws our attention to the increase in heel height from Disney’s original Cinderella movie and the live-action remake due out in 2015 (teaser trailer: literally too dumb for words). Wade calls the new shoe a “stripper slipper” and cites work on American pornification, and that’s not quite my causal reading or my words to describe it, but there’s really something about the fact that New York City podiatrists give women “Cinderella procedures” and now Cinderella has remade her shoes to require them.

I like the remake where the magic is not that the shoe fits but that it looks super awesome and it’s comfortable as hell, and Cinderella is like “Prince, thank you so much for giving me my shoe back, I’ll call you next weekend if I have time.”