Judge Judy Is “Ready For a Vodka”

We are all automatically in love, I presume, with any Times article titled “Others Fade, but Judge Judy Is Forever.” There are many parts of this short profile to enjoy (“Listen to me, Miss Fibby,” Judge Sheindlin snapped at a recent taping here. “They don’t keep me here because I’m gorgeous. They keep me here because I’m smart”) but my favorite is the kicker:

Judge Sheindlin pronounced herself “ready for a vodka” and headed to a USC Shoah Foundation dinner, where President Obama was scheduled to accept a humanitarian award.

A few hours later, Judge Sheindlin found herself shaking hands with the president. Asked by a nearby guest if he had ever watched her show, Mr. Obama responded, “Who doesn’t love ‘Judge Judy’?”

I should have bought the shirt while I had the chance. [NYT]