It’s OK If Your Sign Sucks, and Other Lessons

“But that morning, I sat at the intersection in my idling car and watched that woman bouncing around, and even though I was in a bad mood, she made me smile. She had swagger. She didn’t give a shit that she looked a little unwieldy out there, jumping up and down, boobs jiggling. She didn’t care that her sign sucked. And the drivers in the cars next to me were smiling and waving at her, and some of them were men, too. They weren’t giving her a cheap, ‘Hey there, little hottie!’ wave, they were giving her an appreciative, you-made-my-morning wave. They liked the cut of her jib. And so did I.”

— Heather Havrilesky, a.k.a. Polly, wrote for Aeon Magazine about driver’s license photos and aging and death and a woman she saw waving a sign for a yard sale once. [Aeon]