Florida Woman On That Heroic and Relentless Rotisserie Chicken Tip

A Florida woman has revealed that she spent nearly a year eating free rotisserie chickens from area Publix grocery stores by taking advantage of a store policy promising all sales be priced as advertised or taken off the bill.

Janet Feldman, a 57-year-old who designs stripper costumes, first demanded the so-called ‘Publix promise’ after realizing many of the stores birds didn’t meet the listed 2-pound minimum weight.

A year and 300 free chickens later, the Davie woman portrays herself as a sort of Robin Hood of poultry.

Having presumably built up a level of chicken tolerance that one can only develop after housing approximately one bird every 24 hours for a year — or maybe she’s lying; maybe she never ate them, maybe they’re dressed up in small, custom stripper outfits and just hanging out around the dinner table at her apartment trying to agree on something to Netflix — Feldman recently obtained 47 free chickens in a single day and took her hard, greasy evidence to a local newspaper, exposing Publix’s underweight chickens and, in the process, her own unquenchable desire for them.

“You can’t ever stay silent,” she’s quoted as saying. “Everybody’s got to speak up, even if it’s about chickens.” [Daily Mail]