We Salute the Female Fuckup

“It seems like in recent times, the culture has expanded slightly to accommodate the idea that ladies can be dumb-asses, too,” writes Molly Lambert at Grantland, praising the impending reunion of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in The Nest, a comedy about two sisters who find out their childhood home is going on the market and decide to throw one last, wild party. In celebration of the female fuckup, Lambert compiled a top-10 list of movies and TV shows that celebrate the beautiful, impulsive, moronic women we know and love and often are, from Romy and Michelle:

Why would you want to live in your cookie-cutter hometown where everyone in the onetime “A group” is already married and living in the suburbs by the time of your 10-year reunion, when you can share an apartment with your best friend, wear latex dresses, and live by the beach?”

…to Broad City:

I dreamed of a world on the screen that looked like the real one, populated with chill women who refer to everyone as “dude.” Broad City is that world. May it run forever.

Cosign. [Grantland]