Jill Abramson, Tattoo Advisor

You have a tattoo of a subway token, I was wondering when you’re interviewing someone particularly hip or young do you use it as street cred?

I don’t flaunt my tattoos.

Oh wow. You have more than one? So this isn’t like a celebrity who wears non-prescription glasses to try and look smart, this isn’t a cover to look hip?

It’s become for me a strange form of personal hieroglyphics. I have now four. I think eventually, when I finish doing them, will tell the story of me, of where I lived, and what things have been important to me. That doesn’t mean that I have my kid’s pictures tattooed… I have two then on my back that are the two institutions that I revere, that have shaped me. One is unsurprisingly the amazing ‘T’ in The New York Times newspaper.

This exchange made exponentially better when you read New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s responses in her very distinct voice. Statement Tats for all. [OUT]

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