Jane Talks to the Marrieds

Our beloved Jane Marie is going to be talking to married couples every week at Cosmo, and her first chat is with Lindsey and Erin:

Can you tell me the main difference between being in a dating relationship and being married?

Lindsey: Married is better.
Erin: Dating sucks!
Lindsey: I think when you’re dating, you’re protecting yourself the whole time.
Erin: Or less invested in some way…
Lindsey: But if you’ve found someone who can actually commit to you, like, “We’re gonna make this work, come hell or high water,” then I don’t have to protect myself. I’m not holding back like I did when I was dating.

I can tell that this column is going to be an important part of my wedding-season self-dialogue. Also, are you caught up on Jane’s latest “Oh! You Pretty Things”? There is some very scientific pube data.

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