Here Comes Caffeinated Flour

The cup of coffee you drank this morning underwent a complicated process to go from solid to liquid, one that likely involved boats, planes, trains, automobiles, and maybe even a human being at the very end. But it all started as a coffee berry grown on a plant. They’re edible, but often discarded as a byproduct when the coffee bean is taken out and dumped into rivers or turned into fertilizer by legions of hungry worms. But now a pair of companies are trying to turn it into something entirely different: flour with a caffeinated kick.

More about this at the Verge. Coffee Flour has “substantially less caffeine than brewed coffee,” but regardless, the idea of turning actual trash into profitable chemical dependency is such a wonderfully American story! You’re all invited to my house for Turbo Tweak-Waffles once this shit hits stores.

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