This Blog Guilty of a ‘Tiny Home Fetish’

There’s also the “small-house movement”, a Whole Earth Catalog-style spin-off that posits the home as a crunchy, anti-consumerist statement, both in terms of space and resources saved and how living in compact surroundings can discourage excess consumption. Small Houses are typically self-builds, rich in craft and personal detailing, about as ideologically detached from the anonymous off-the-shelf homogeneity of the developer’s tract home as it’s possible to be. They’re also individualist and isolationist, frequently depicted as solitary human creations amidst great wilderness plots. The pared down off-the-grid small scale living of the small house movement is a form of utopianism, a Walden­-esque return to nature. Cabin Porn, like Shelter Porn before it, has entered the vernacular as a very particular type of alternate reality, the apparently perfect combination of solitude and domesticity.

This is an interesting read on the “tiny home fetish,” which Jonathan Bell calls “a distraction, a frontier far from the real debate, a fetish confined to Pinterest boards.” Uh… But what if they are filled with rage? Eh? [The Morning News]