The Love Story of Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

All text taken from Daily Mail captions.

Part 1: The Knicks Game

Cara studied her facial expression
Stay alert.

Open-mouthed. Sporty: she wore a black leather jacket
and expressed her allegiance to her team.
Michelle seemed to be trying to tell Cara something
Stay alert. Open-mouthed

Michelle seemed amazed by something else
Michelle really struggled to even keep her head up
Basketball fan. Michelle decided to recline during the game

Getting close or desperate for attention?
Chill out. Are you ok? Stay alert.

Cara and Michelle seemed to be struggling to maintain eye contact with each other
As Cara blew smoke rings, Michelle tried to break them with her tongue

Cuddle me. Looking into my eyes.
Get out the licks for the Knicks
Getting close. Victory!

Part 2: The Beaches of Cancun

Michelle laughs her head off. What’s so funny?
Cara covered up her cleavage as she emerged from the sea

You make me so happy. Here you go. Careful.
The lovebirds opted for matching black bikinis
Although Cara forgoed her top.

The model and actress seemed oblivious to what was going around them.
The couple are momentarily distracted by a sea creature.
Mi amor! Where is everything? Another kiss?

Cara was seen dragging her girlfriend into the sea. Hurry up Cara!
Here you go. How fun is this? You make me so happy.
Things are heating up. We’ve had enough sun for today.

Michelle was thrilled to be able to hold a turtle during the holiday
Loved-up. Michelle strokes Cara’s hair. Michelle laughs her head off.
Michelle and Cara bonded over their love of partying, acting and travel.

“She’s so cool.” It’s a bit windy. Open minds
Lots in common. Shake it off. Get out of the way.

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