Peanuts and Oscars

Since 1986, when he quit his job in Dallas as a licensed electrical contractor, he’s made this trip across the unpredictable Mexican border 300 times, he says. He is careful, but it never gets easier. You sweat a lot and your hands feel like fish. You live in a low-rent motel while waiting for your connection. You worry about federales, informers, the Drug Enforcement Administration and people who would kill you for your drugs or money.

“I’ve never been shot,’ he says. “Yet.

“Under normal smuggling conditions, I probably commit six felonies and God knows how many misdemeanors,’ he smoothly offers. He waves his hand dismissively: “I gave up trying to keep up with those misdemeanors. Man, those are peanuts.’

Via Longreads, here’s a 1992 Dallas Morning News story about Ron Woodroof, the real-life inspiration for Matthew McConaughey’s heroic Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club. [Dallas Morning News]

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