If You Liked Pixar’s Up, You’ll Love Video Brinquedo’s What’s Up?: Balloon to the Rescue

Mental Floss has collected 20 great knockoff movies, distributed through Redbox or Netflix or Hulu Plus in an attempt to ride the publicity coattails of a big-budget release. My favorite is What’s Up?: Balloon to the Rescue, a… let’s say, minimalist take on Up; I also like the Indiana Jones rip-off Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, the 41-minute long Chop Kick Panda, and the Christian rip of High School Musical, ingeniously titled Sunday School Musical.

More “mockbusters” here, and from August of last year, a GQ piece on ripoff factory (Sharknado, Atlantic Rim, Snakes on a Train) The Asylum.