Friday Open Thread

100% real picture that happened

This is the only Friday where we’ve actually been sad the workweek is over! Because we, your faithful guest bloggers, Michelle Markowitz and Lauren O’Neal, must return our crowns and scepters to Emma and Jia, and wave goodbye to you all like dumb kids.

We learned a lot from commenters this week. We learned that the Portuguese word for “escorts” is “acompanhantes,” and that “spell-casters” like Dr. Oduduwa can return our husbands to us, not to mention all the best places to gamble and buy human growth hormone online. A lot of you were really eager to tell us about all these things — hundreds of you every day! So thanks!

No, but for serious, we really loved hanging out with you guys, so here are some highlights from that.

Thanks so much to Emma and Jia for letting us take the steering wheel this week, and thanks to all of you for putting up with our crazy driving and excessive True Detective posts. Keep in touch with us on Twitter: @michmarkowitz and @laureneoneal. We love you all!

[The greatest picture of all time, featured above, was created by actual hero @darth.]