Daft Punk ft. Jay-Z, “Weird Bad Unreleased Track”

Hey there, all you cats and kittens out in Radioland, do we have a treat for you! It’s a Pitchfork-verified collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay-Z that was never released, probably because it is terrible!

In this unfinished rough cut, apparently meant for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, Jay and his French robot pals take a bold stance against the following:

  • iTouches
  • Blackberries
  • texting abbreviations, especially x’s and o’s
  • kids these days

Also includes some high-quality grunts and a crescendo of panicked shouting.

I never saw Tron, was it about how millennials are ruining a perfectly good society what with all their FaceSpaces and Tweeters?

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