Asteroid Going Through a Really Rough Breakup :(

[The Hubble Space Telescope has] resolved the slow-moving debris of an asteroid that is in the process of breaking up. The asteroid, designated P/2013 R3, hasn’t hit anything, as the fragments are moving too slow — it just seems to be falling apart.Discovery News

The asteroid hasn’t hit anything; it just seems to be falling apart. The asteroid promises it didn’t meet anyone new. The asteroid wonders if it was under too much pressure from the sun. The asteroid thinks it just started spinning too fast. The asteroid is still listening to How To Dress Well, the asteroid feels its own bones in bed, an old couple smiled at the asteroid while it was in line at the grocery store and the asteroid wanted to disappear completely. The asteroid ponders finality. The asteroid is afraid of ever again wanting to be known. The asteroid fears its own messiness and then accepts it, sends out knobby-kneed messages in the darkness, hoping that someone will see.

Pictures, and actual information, here.

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