Hockey Happened

After the jump, the GIF that shows how close the American women were to winning gold in today’s hockey final. The goal on the open net would’ve put the U.S. up 3–1 with just a few minutes remaining in regulation; instead the puck hit the post, rather improbably, and Canada tied it up and won in overtime. Congrats to our neighbors to the north, I GUESS.

Did you watch? Things got emotional. Hockey overtime, especially in the Olympic format, is the most stressful. They go sudden death with four players from each team on the ice (not including goalies), which means that things move incredibly quickly. Could’ve gone either way, of course, but that was a hell of an assist by the Canada goal post. The Canadian and American men will get a rematch of sorts in tomorrow’s semifinal at noon. I don’t know if I can take another one.

GIF via; here’s an alternate angle.