Everybody Is Drunk In Love

Good morning! We’re back. How many episodes of House of Cards did you watch over the weekend? I made it through 1.5 before I decided I’d rather rewatch True Detective episodes than sit through season two, I think. I just didn’t feel the push, you know? But tell me if I’m making a mistake.

Let’s start the week with a mini rundown of “Drunk In Love” covers. Everyone is covering this song. Your great-aunt has probably covered this song. Kanye’s remix dropped on Friday (listen here); there’s also Future, Angel Haze, The Weeknd, T.I., James Blake, Diplo, and, of course, Vin Diesel, but these two — Katy B’s medley and a soft sax version — are different enough to be interesting.

First, Katy B’s recording, which mashes up Bey’s track with Tinashe’s “Vulnerable”:

And after the jump, smooth jazz in some dude’s kitchen:

This is my favorite saxophone cover since Smooth Jazz All Stars’ Smooth Jazz Tribute to Akon.

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