Ask Baba Yaga: Where Does All the Time Go?

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Dear Baba Yaga,

Do I spend all my free time this year planning a masquerade ball or writing essays and applying to grad school? Where does all of the time go? Is there a spell to make time slower? I already tried the whole dancing in the moonlight naked thing but all it gave me was a terrible hangover (and, to be fair, a temporarily warped sense of time).


)Time in Eternity is boring — suchly do I have so many mischiefs. –Chop off yr head & put it in a stew-pot; then you will have eternity to lap at, & you will sicken of the taste., Elsewise , love how the planets do their moonlight dance for you in yr pithly hundred years, & smack the moon on the rump to show it who is the Boss-woman. Never will the Boss-woman quite be you (that is my mostly occupation) but you can have the longest laugh for you have the shortest earthly being. :Goodnight & wake up earliest tomorrow for the fantasy of seizing the sunbeams.(

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